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  • Sawdust Supply Company was formed and went into business in 1912. It’s primary function was to clean out what was considered scrap materials (hog fuel) from the local sawmills. During the early years most of the materials were hauled to the local land fills. Some of the sawdust was bagged and sold to bars to soak up the spilled beer and drinks. It was also sold to butcher shops as a non-slip to absorb the grease and blood that fell on the floor. In the late 30’s and early 40’s sawdust was delivered in bulk to homes and businesses as fuel for sawdust burning furnaces. As the years progressed the sawmills developed new equipment to increase utilization of the logs.
  • The waste materials were source separated and more innovative uses were developed. Shavings were sold and delivered to farms for livestock bedding. Bark was reground and sized to be used as a mulch on flowerbeds. Sawdust was used to break up and provide organics to the glacial till soils that is prominent in the Puget Sound area. Sawdust was also used by nurseries to heal in plants.
The company was purchased from the original owner in 1946 by George Moss. He owned and operated the company until he retired in the mid 1970’s. The present owner is Milan Moss, George’s son. After discharge from the military at the end of World War II, Milan worked for his father driving truck, performing maintenance on equipment,
designing and building special equipment for the company, and working on new products using the wood waste materials.

In the mid 1950’s Sawdust Supply designed & built blower trucks for mulch application. Sawdust Supply was the first and only blower truck service in the Puget Sound area.

Sawdust Supply has six trademarked products, Beauti-Bark™, Beauti-Gro™, Beauti-Mulch™, SteerCo™, Playchips™, CowCo™, and one trademarked slogan “Bark now or forever hoe your weeds”™ .
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