Custom Mixing, Delivery & Blower Services

At the Customers request, Sawdust Supply Co., Inc. will provide blending services for Customers in 2 cubic yard quantities or more. Many nurseries and landscape professionals use the service to produce potting mixes and special growth mediums.

Sawdust Supply Co., Inc. owns and operates a fleet of 15 delivery trucks, from 20 cubic yard capacity to 100 cubic yards. Fourteen of the trucks have live floor unloading system, allowing unloading on steep grades, side hills and low clearance conditions. Two of the trucks have a partition to allow delivery of 2 items at the same time and allow us to delivery as little as 1 yard.

Sawdust Supply Co., Inc. has provided blower service in the greater Puget Sound area for over 40 years. We have six blower trucks (up to 35 cubic yard capacity) that operate on an appointment basis. These trucks are designed and built by Sawdust Supply Co., Inc. to be able to blow or dump the material, which ever the Customer desires. The equipment will blow Sawdust, SteerCo, GroCo, Medium-Fine and Fine Beauti-Bark, Beauti-Gro, Play Chips and Wood Carpet. No soil mixes or Nuggets.

Our trucks carry either 140 to 160 feet of 4” I.D. flexible hose (please specify which truck meets your delivery needs). Sawdust Supply Co., Inc. provides the truck, driver and material. The driver operates the equipment and the Customer provides people to handle the hose. We recommend 2 people as the hose is heavy to pull around. The first person will actually be applying the material, while the second person will be helping with the hose to assure there is no landscape damage. Application times vary, but historically averages 1 cubic yard every two minutes.
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