North Idaho Energy Logs

North Idaho Energy Logs

#1 Tested: North Idaho Energy Logs. For pick up only.

Energy Logs have been tested extensively against other manufactured wood heating logs. The 8lb. Energy Log can not be compared one on one with the competition since many other logs are lighter, at 5-6lbs. Our tests have been done by weight. Pound for pound, the Energy Log burned twice as long as the other manufactured logs. The log comparison test were done in both a conventional uncertified wood stove and a phase 2 certified wood stove. Energy Logs consistently outperformed other manufactured logs. The high density and low moisture content of the Energy Logs enable it to pack 8,600 BTU’s per pound. Amazingly, one 8lb. Energy Log contains 68,800 BTU’s and one unit of 240 Energy Logs has approx. 16,512,000 BTU’s. Energy Logs are a compact bundle of energy just waiting to happen! Pound for pound it’s awful hard to beat the price and efficiency of Energy Logs .

One unit of Energy Logs is equivalent to approximately 1 1/2 to 2 cords of firewood, when measured in BTU's.

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Fig.1 Particulate emissions for cord wood and manufactured fuels in a conventional uncertified woodstove. Relative percent reductions from cordwood emissions are shown in parentheses.

Fig. 2 Particulate emissions for cord wood and manufactured fuels in a Phase 2 certified woodstove. Relative percent reductions from cordwood emissions are shown in parentheses.

Study by OMNI

Heat Efficient North Idaho Energy Logs

Energy Logs are tightly compressed from dried wood shavings. They contain no binders or chemicals. Energy Logs are high in combustion, resulting in a clean, hot fire that leaves little or no creosote or residue deposits on the interior of your firebox. There is very little ash for clean up. Our Energy Logs provide a cleaner, more efficient and safer fire than regular firewood and most other manufactured logs.

Burning North Idaho energy Logs

Energy Logs burn hotter and longer than firewood and most manufactured logs. It takes a very limited number of Energy Logs to provide you with the warmth of wood heat. We suggest burning no more than two (2) Energy Logs at a time. Do Not overfill your stove or fireplace.

Storing North Idaho Energy Logs

Energy Logs must be stored in a dry place. A low moisture content is an important factor in the efficiency of Energy Logs . To help assure lasting log quality during storage, take measures to protect the Energy Logs from environmental moisture.

Energy Logs: Proved By The Test of Time

North Idaho Energy Log is a new name for the same pressed wood log our parents and grandparents have burned for over 50 years. In Moyie Springs, at the top of Idaho, North Idaho Energy Logs, Inc. has been manufacturing logs since 1986. These Energy Logs are produced by log machines that have been recycling wood waste since the 1930’s. We’ve heard many folks fondly reminisce about their log-ago trips to town with “Dad” to buy “these same logs”. “Our home was warmed many a winter by those logs” – is another sentiment we often hear. We expect our Energy Logs to make many satisfied customers. Please consider any fond memory to be an extra bonus!

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